Our Philosophy


At JoVonna LaVista Jewelry, we are gemstone enthusiasts. We love the natural beauty of each stone, and work to create a stylish and one-of-a-kind setting to turn each one into a wearable art piece. Each JoVonna LaVista piece starts with a gemstone of unique beauty. We then create a sculptured wire design to showcase the stone that inspires it.



We pride ourselves on creating pieces of the highest caliber and quality. All of our pieces are made with: 

  • Genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones, hand-selected for superior quality and characteristics. All stones are natural and untreated.

  • Argentium Sterling Silver and 14K Gold and Gold-filled wires and accents. Argentium is a premium tarnish-resistant and purer (96% silver) alloy of silver. Gold-filled wires are made with a thick layer (2 or more times as thick as plated gold) of high-quality gold bonded to a strong metal core. This provides superior strength while presenting and wearing exactly the same as solid gold.


We work with top gemstone dealers all over the world to find unique and beautiful faceted, rough, and polished stones.


Each of our creations is the work of a single artist who makes all design choices from stone selection to completed piece of art, which allows for the most unique and innovative pieces to be produced.

Depending upon the pendant, a necklace which complements its beauty may be designed from carefully selected gemstone and precious metal beads. Some become sets including bracelets and earrings